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While I am no longer offering private tours, I will still be volunteering my time to lead birding hikes for various Nature groups in the Bay of Quinte region.  Stay tuned for details on upcoming guided hikes.  Contact me for information on Birding in the Bay of Quinte region. 


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 Presqu’ile Waterfowl Weekend

Eight eager participants came out for the QFN outing to Presquile despite high winds. We enjoyed a BBQ lunch at the lighthouse under sunny skies.  We managed to see 43 species, twenty of them waterfowl, at both Presquile and the Barcoven area.  Highlights included Canvasback, American coot and thousands of other Waterfowl.


Waterfowl on the Bay of Quinte

Four hearty birders braved the cold rain to search the Bay of Quinte and Barcoven area for migrating Waterfowl. Together we found 18 different species of waterfowl, including Green-winged teal, Northern Pintail, Gadwall and American Wigeon.  An additional 18 bird species were seen by the group, including an immature Bald eagle, for a total of 36 species.


Early birds at the Frink

There was lots of activity at the bird feeders when we first arrived at the HR Frink Center, with many Juncos and a few Phoebe’s singing.  Pied-billed grebes, Buffleheads, Ring-neck ducks and Wood ducks we’re seen at the Marsh,  as well as newly arrived Swamp sparrows and Flickers. A muddy walk through the woods to the Sugar Shack and along the Moira river revealed Sapsuckers and Rusty blackbirds.   Meadowlarks and Kestrels braved the winds at a nearby grassland, and a heronry hosted a Great horned owl nest with three owlets. The group photograghed both Tree swallows and Bluebirds inspecting nest boxes at a local golf course. We recorded 47 species during our 4.5 hour tour.


Early birds at Napanee Alvar 

Early Grassland birds were recorded in good numbers today, including  32 Eastern Meadowlark , 3 Upland Sandpiper and two pairs of Loggerhead Shrike.  Pied-billed Grebe, Virginia Rail and a first of the year Common Moorhen played hide-and-seek in Moscow Marsh.  Ring-necked Duck, Blue-winged Teal and Wood Duck were counted among the lingering waterfowl at Camden  lake.


Springbrook Alvar

We began at the Tweed Sewage Lagoons with a few dabbling ducks and both Least and Solitary Sandpipers.  The large Springbrook Alvar had some nice returning migrants including 4 Upland Sandpiper,  6 Grassland Sparrows,  many Eastern Meadowlarks and a Blue-winged Warbler.   Clay-Colored Sparrow and another Blue-winged Warbler were eventually found on nearby Twiddy road.  We stopped in at the Madoc Sewage Lagoon for Common Moorhen, Virginia Rail and Marsh Wren, finally finishing at the Madoc Dump, and topping out at over 80 species for the day.


Migration at the Point

Twelve birders joined me on Mother’s day in Traverse woods, where about a dozen warbler species showed well. Palm, Blackburnian and Black-throated Green  joined many Northern Parula.  Later, about 25 new birders walked with me to the Lighthouse after a light drizzle, and we saw Black-throated Blue and many Yellow warblers and heard a Northern Waterthrush. A number of old nests were inspected,  and we watched Cliff swallows at their nests.


Migration at the Point

Ten experienced birders joined me for a full morning of birding at Prince Edward County’s Migration hotspot, Prince Edward point,  during the Spring Birding Festival.  Amid the constant activity,  highlights included Golden-winged and Cerulean Warblers,  Yellow-throated Vireo, Scarlet Tanager and in the Lake a few Surf Scoters.


Napanee Alvar

Grassland birds including 2 Upland Sandpiper, Eastern Kingbird, American Kestrel, 3 Ring-necked Pheasants and 4 Loggerhead Shrikes were seen and photographed on this private tour in this unique Land in Between.


Menzel Provincial Park

The still morning chill kept the insects at bay and bird activity high along this 2 km return hike.  A migrating Olive-sided Flycatcher greeted me near the entrance,  along with a Mourning Warbler and a Blue-winged Warbler.  Canada Warbler was the target species, with at least 4 singing males scattered along this unique fen environment. 


Springbrook Alvar

The Springbrook area has seen a decline in Golden-winged warblers in recent years, so spotting both Blue-winged and Brewsters warblers along Twiddy road today was not too out of the ordinary.   Upland Sandpiper and Grasshopper Sparrow were highlights in the large Alvar area, as were Broad-winged hawk and Coopers hawk nearby.  A Male Ring-necked duck at the Stirling Sewage Lagoons was somewhat out of place,  Bank, Barn and Tree Swallows joined a few Chimney Swifts above the lagoon in high winds.


Birds and Bees Festival at Stanners Vineyard 

Fifteen birders joined  me for two scheduled birding hikes along the Millennium Trail at Slab Creek.  Over fifty Great Egrets were present in this wetland, along with Green and Great Blue Herons feeding on frogs.  A good mix of Shorebirds were also there, yet proved more difficult  to find.   Many people enjoyed the festivities at the Vineyard afterward.



Morning at the Frink

A visit to the New Marsh Boardwalk , where normally shy Marsh birds tend to show quite well at this time of year. Family’s of Virginia rails were seen, as well as 3 Least Bitterns. Marsh warns, and a few shorebirds; Spotted and Solitary Sandpiper.


Belleville Christmas Bird Count 

The weather for the 18th Belleville CBC was mostly foggy and dark, and most species numbers were generally lower. However, high numbers of Canada geese were seen in the open waters of the Moira river, and so the total number of individuals  (6139) for the count was about 10 % below average. 
Twenty-three birders counted 50 species plus 5 count week species (Iceland Gull, Great black backed gull, Common merganser, Swamp Sparrow, and Winter Wren). Notable misses were Red-breasted nuthatch, Purple Finch,  Belted kingfisher, Sharp shinned Hawk and Snow bunting. Red winged blackbird and Great Blue heron were seen just outside count week.
A highlight was a Gray catbird seen on Philburn Rd, the 100th overall species in the Belleville CBC history.  Other highlights included 1 of 2 wintering Peregrine Falcons that are either found on the Quinte Courthouse or the Bay bridge, an immature Northern Goshawk (possibly 2), Chipping Sparrow, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, and a smart looking leucistic (80% white plumage) Red-tailed Hawk that flew before a photo could be snapped by the compiler. This bird may be wintering in the area. Thanks to everyone who participated. 

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